Welcome to Women of Ireland

Women of Ireland-Not Just another Irish Dance Show.   “Women of Ireland” is an innovative and exciting full stage concert production which showcases the next generation of Ireland’s leading female performers. This isn’t just another Irish dance show, it is a production which brings together all that is great about the traditions of music, song and dance in Ireland and is unique in the way these genres are intertwined with external influences to give rise to a kaleidoscopic entertainment experience. The common theme inherent in all performances is the presentation of the most revered qualities of Ireland’s ethnic music which will be transported from the Irish fireside to the international concert hall platform. Special significance is placed on depicting the pure qualities of Irish music in a contemporary setting.   Women of Ireland features vocalists The O’Neil Sisters (Fiona, Naomi & Evangeline O’ Neill), Fiddle Players Niamh Fahy and Niamh Gallagher, Award winning Aerialist Elena Marina, Principal Dancer Caterina Coyne and up to thirty other performers.   From the originality of the musicians and the quality of the dancers to the bagpipe that was over the top; the show was awesome! Trust me when I say, this show is as good as they come!… Dru Rohla, Executive Director Cheyenne Civic Center, Cheyenne, WY   Very professional, great cast and great crew; great voices, great production over all. Well done! Audience loved it. A quality production…. Dr. Clifford D. Herron, Executive Director, Mattie Kelly Arts Center, Northwest Florida State College The Irish dance show women of ireland
Mary Robinson, President of Ireland (1990-1997) The first female president of Ireland (Mary Robinson) reserved her most passionate thanks for the “Women of Ireland”- Mná na hÉireann”-who instead of rocking the cradle rocked the system, and who came out in massive numbers to make their mark on the ballot paper, and on a new Ireland.